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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11PM  CBS  September 2, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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crews working on dumbarton bridge this weekend will they be a been able to open sooner than expected will have a live update. officers in vallejo opens fire rowling a car with bullets and kill a man why they feel they had to shoot him. it is time for the democrats to showcase their party would we can expect at their national convention. we begin with developing news in southern california fast-moving wildfire in los angeles county started this afternoon has scorched 3,600 a. the williams fire sparked at 230 in the angeles national forest, campgrounds that typically host 12,000 visitors have also been
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cleared, the fire 5% contained. a round-the-clock work on dumbarton bridge pays off if it could reopen earlier than the scheduled 5:00 a.m. tuesday time reporter don knapp has more. no surprises so far everything going according to plan, what they have done has cut off the concrete ramp from the steel bridge above it left a big coal now they put it back together and tried to get it completed by tuesday morning. near-perfect weather helps workers move at with seismic work on dumbarton to complete work that was done memorial day weekend. crews are also doing other work such as painting and electrical fixtures and selling pot holes. we have done reconfiguration
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on the carpool lane now will be open for fast track before only open during car pool hours now open the entire day for fast track use the main reason the closed bridge was to replace a seismic joint to cut the old joint out completely. we prepare for a 1000 year two earthquake one sector spanned disconnected from the substructure it will now move 42 in. in all directions it is on schedule and new plate in place the plate has been lifted 5 in. to make room for bearings that will move during 8 earthquake it will support the plights and will start installing the deck plates that motorists drive over. 61,000 cars a day moot use the bridge this weekend vehicles use the san mateo bridge or
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highway 237 to skirt the southern end of the bay. this offers less drama than other critical closures in the past the bay bridge is the backbone for california but this is important for the south bay and critical to get an open tuesday they completed the memorial day weekend and got the bridge opened three hours ahead of the schedule they hope to do that well or better the weather is one reason that is happening. will keep everyone updated tomorrow in san francisco fremont street still closed part of the new trends bay transit terminal project it is shut off from howard to mission street crews are working on the underground rail level and installing a temporary bridge to keep traffic moving. go to cbs s f dot com to check on traffic conditions for both closures.
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police in vallejo criticized after the shooting death of a young man, two officers fired shots at two men sitting in a car on pepper drive, elissa harrington tells us officers felt the driver had begun. and i heard gunshots there will be up more than 30 gunshots fired by two vallejo police officers leaving one man dead bullet holes ruling this vehicle on pepper drive that is scary the shooting happened at 4:30 a.m. when police in the area spot of the parked car with two people officers flashed the spotlight they did this to the driver of the vehicle exited the car, both officers noticed he had handgun in his waistband or what they thought and gunned the driver crashed behind the door and spun around as if to have a weapon and officers
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opened fire he put his hands up and the air an officer stopped firing and and put his hands back down and drove into the car they started shooting a dance at one. getting on the hood of the car and fired into the rough the victim does it identified as 23 year-old mario romero. a search of the vehicle found as to seek an air soft palate, and there is never a handgun. this is the second officer involved shooting in the city. they could have shot him in the arm or leg they don't have to kill everybody police officers say in the darkness they had no way of knowing it was a replica guns. they address the threat as deadly. when officers approached him and an area known for gang activity in the early morning hours she decided to get out of the car and reach for handgun
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and turnaround the men were on felony probation for weapons charges both officers put on paid leave pending investigation. elissa harrington cbs 5 some of the 35,000 people that spent the to attend the democratic convention are arriving in charlotte organizers welcome guest with a labor day party danielle nottingham tells us how the party plans to talk about their candidate with shoppers in the air and security charlotte is ready for the democrats just days after mitt romney and gop put on the show in tampa democrats are ready for the spotlight. president obama needs to continue would has been saying which is the truth the romney campaign disagrees and says obama has plenty of questions to answer. the president needs to explain why he has not done what
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he promised he would do democrats need to work harder this year because new state voter i.d. laws could keep older and minority voters away from polls i want to see and do everything possible supporting him to get the vote out and make sure it is there president obama 1 north carolina in 2008 and democrats want the convention to help him hold on to the state this year the president makes his way here through swing states he appealed to students at the university of colorado's sunday if you are willing to work with me and knocked on doors with me make phone calls with me if you are willing to vote with me in november we will win boulder and colorado we will win this election. hundreds of protesters took to the streets sunday but the march focused on big banks than on the president. danielle nottingham cbs 13 news
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the big question facing the president job creation political analyst joe touman stresses the big strategy is might be putting the issue back on the gop democrats will not fall into the trap of trying to answer this question if you're better off for years ago the key to 24 the president is to change the question and to change the question would be the one to go back the way things were before? when i mean by that is do want to go back to the things that got us into this financial trouble before it was the republic of ministration for eight years that got us into this recession. stay with us for continuing coverage of the democratic national convention will have live reports throughout the week go to cbs s f dot com and find live streaming video of the events as well as updates.
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if thousands remained without power days after hurricane isaac blew through, what is being done to help them. one last hurrah for the petaluma little leaguers thousands make sure they will come out as summer that brought joy to their town. will look for things to be hot again labor day and then change comes our way all the details in a minute.
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thousands of loyal fans filled the streets of petaluma red was held to honor the little leaguers to mated to the world series reporter mike sugerman introduces as did the players and the town beaming with pride. this stuff you think about before nodding off to sleep. a parade in your honor and your home town with everyone sharing you on. but this was no dream it was the
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last in the run of unbelievable advance and interim stretch of baseball. this is amazing and so wonderful before this a lot of people never heard of petaluma. everybody in the old united states knows what petaluma is petaluma is the a capital of the united states canyon in the city in tennessee that beat petaluma. it is but the town and these kids on the map it is pretty cool to see him on tv and stuff it is heady stuff for a 12 or 13 year-old have ever done a tv interview before yes have you done interviews before two or three weeks ago no. now that ban on national tv and play by play advance across the country it means the world to me
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that these fans and people here for me your 12 or 13 have all these people applauding for you to marty go back to school you have homework. to the girls kind of like it yam does this help you out with the girls? note. we'er back to sibling squabbles but it is wonderful what a great experience the moments of great help their remember the moments and then can be as fleeting as the confetti today. mike sugerman cbs 5 the oakland a's raise more than $53,000 to fight cancer it was the breast cancer awareness day the tinsel and hats and being jerseys to benefit press cancer education and research. for the past 14 years this event
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has raised more than one and a quarter million dollars. president obama goes to louisiana tomorrow morning to assess the damage from hurricane isaac. much of the state is under water homeland security secretary jan in the polish town of toward the area and promises the mill will help victims. please no all of us are thinking about louisiana and those who are without homes or abilities or business or ability to open up because of the water or lack of power when no this is a big tough storm we will work throw together. more than 200,000 people without power more than 5000 homes north of new orleans could be under new evacuation orders because of swollen waterways a pleasant sunday evening, things warn the daytime with
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numbers up to 22 degrees warmer than yesterday. the numbers are set to take a tumble tuesday and wednesday, monday looks pretty good. the remnants of isaac, now low pressure moving over indiana, it was triggering showers and thundershowers in middle half of the u.s., they need the rind. and getting it the time. for us high pressure builds in from desert southwest we will have another warm day tomorrow. labor day in the scud. we have fog and low clouds along the shoreline. 87 in santa rosa. 92 at livermore 70 at pacific up. san francisco 66. oakland 76. overcast close to the ocean and
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62, go in and we increase sunshine and temperatures to mid-90s. let's review future cast, low pressure over the golf it pushed through toward evening high pressure builds and it should compressed a marine layer. if your headed at of the bay area 95 that sacramento and 99 at fresno. at the airport things look good, for los angeles parley cloudy skies rain in denver chicago partly cloudy and thunderstorms in new york. santa rosa cooler, 55 that livermore. in the south bay numbers top out in '80s tomorrow up to 90 at morgan hill, mid-90s in any doubt, 97 at the brentwood.
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santa rosa 85. 61 at bodega bay. 79 at sausalito. another one day to day tuesday we cool down, for next weekend will warm up a little bit again. have a great labor day. a south bay community holds out hope for an injured firefighter we update his condition. coming up on game day to die nelson the nba's winningest coach in goes to the basketball hall of fan, tonight he joins us in studio 4 game day the torrid pace of the bay area's baseball team continues we take you inside the oakland a's clubhouse it andy roddick still alive that the u.s. open and keep his career going coming up next on game day.
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chisholm oakland police issue warnings after two more people rob after responding to craigslist ads friday night one person is robbed at gunpoint another held up saturday, those incidents follow robberies in oakland all involving craigslist ads for cars or and tonics. a married couple was robbed of several thousand dollars during a test drive. a prayer vigil held for san jose firefighter who collapsed while battling a fire.
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frank ryan suffered a heart attack last there's that was fighting a fire inside st. patrick's cathedral provinces were offered for him during a mass held that the school connected to the church. the veteran remains in critical but stable condition. new information about the king of pop before his death promoter's concern that the tour would be a bust.
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people went to the movies to get scared that position debuted at no. 1% and $18 million. lawless did you it a distant second rounding out the expendables 2 aboard legacy in paranormal. dew like the movie popcorn, with lots of butter and salt you may be paying more money for the drop in midwest has shriveled rows of pop corn stocks calling it the worst they've seen. popcorn buyers are stocking up but prices have jumped. pricing out a lot of mom and pop shops roars look elsewhere like to south america to fill demand
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in 2010 the popcorn industry worth nearly a billion dollars. added shaped high on drugs or alcohol and consumed with self doubt is up promoters of michael jackson's this is it tore described him to the weeks before he died. descriptions contained in e- mail's obtained by the los angeles times when executive of aeg, described jackson as an emotional paralyzed mess. they were concerned the 50 show tour would be an expensive bust. the times said the messages may pay play a key role in a lawsuit to go to trial this year.
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before game day and here's something to let your appetite a wing eating contest in buffalo, new york. the winner joey chest and from san jose deboned 191 wings and 12 minutes. that is it for eyewitness news at 11 game day next. goodnight.


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